Ecochlor CEO Andrew Marshall Accepts Environmental Protection Innovation Award

Andrew Marshall accepts environmental award for EcochlorEcochlor, Inc. was ranked first by the North American Marine Environment Protection Association’s (NAMEPA) Board of Directors for the “2021 Marine Environment Protection Innovation Award” based on their new no-filter EcoOne and EcoOne Hybrid ballast water management system (BWMS).  Andrew Marshall, CEO will accept the award today on behalf of Ecochlor at the NAMEPA Annual General Meeting.

Followed by the Awards Presentation, Mr. Marshall has been asked to speak on a prestigious Leadership Roundtable panel for further discussions on marine environmental protection.

Ecochlor has honored a commitment to saving the coastal ecosystems for over 20 years. As a base to measure discharged ballast water treated by an Ecochlor BWMS worldwide, EcochlorBlue BWT™ chemical re-supply orders were evaluated. Over the last 18 months, more than 15.8 billion gallons of water was treated and released back into the ocean without any disruption of the waterway’s ecosystem.

Ecochlor Appoints Andrew Marshall as CEO

Andrew Marshall is new CEO of EcochlorEcochlor, Inc. announced that the Company’s Board of Directors (BOD) has appointed Andrew Marshall as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He will assume day-to-day leadership of the Company as of today.

Steve Candito will continue to support the company as a senior advisor to the Ecochlor BOD and leadership team. Mr. Candito expressed his confidence in the appointment of Andrew Marshall in a released statement: “When Andrew joined Ecochlor in 2019 as Vice President of Business Development he started the process of reshaping our international sales team as well as assisting in transforming the core of our business and growth strategy into the success that it is today! He was instrumental in expanding our product line into both tank cleaning via a novel gas-freeing technology, and small capacity ballast water management systems (BWMS) using UV technology whilst also leading the EcoOne™ Type Approval Task Force. His track record and depth of experience in the maritime business make him an ideal leader for Ecochlor at this time and into the future as we continue to leverage and build the Company to next level.”

Mr. Marshal has more than 30 years of experience in developing and launching emerging technologies. He is a seasoned executive with a proven track record in international business development. Prior to Ecochlor, Mr. Marshall served as the owner of Marshall Global Consulting, Ltd., the CEO of Coldharbour Marine and the COO of Spectral Fusion Technologies.

As CEO, Mr. Marshall will be the primary intermediary between the company and the BOD. He will be responsible for communicating on behalf of the Company, with shareholders and potential investors in addition to implementing a high-level corporate strategy in line with the organization’s vision and mission.

“I am honored for the opportunity to lead this exceptional organization of highly-dedicated and talented professionals,” said Mr. Marshall. Under Steve’s [Candito] guidance, the Company has grown from a startup to a leading BWMS company and we have made meaningful progress toward realizing our top company priorities and goals. During his tenure, we have made significant advancement in the improvement of our operating efficiencies, strengthen our market penetration and brand, as well as increasing our service and chemical resupply locations across the globe. I am fortunate to be able to continue to build on the foundation that he has built along with the rest of the Ecochlor team.”

Ecochlor Receives NAMEPA “2021 Marine Environment Innovation” Award

The North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA) has chosen Ecochlor, Inc. as the recipient of the “2021 Marine Environmental Innovation” award based on their new no-filter EcoOne and EcoOne Hybrid ballast water management systems (BWMSs).

The Ecochlor EcoOne filterless and hybrid systems have the same, powerful, core treatment technology as the standard Ecochlor® BWMS, but they operate with less equipment and need less maintenance – providing an even longer life-cycle for the system. Less equipment means a reduction in Ecochlor’s environmental footprint, both in component manufacturing and shipping, as well as during system installation with as much as 40% savings in piping and 30 to 50% savings for cabling.

“Key benefits of the EcoOne BWMS are the low energy consumption due to both the core technology not using power to create the disinfectant and the elimination of the filter, which also makes the system even more reliable and easier to use,” said Steve Candito, Ecochlor CEO.

“Additionally, EcoOne™ has the capability to take advantage of gravity ballasting on intake and discharge, offering even further energy savings. With the lowest BWMS power consumption in the industry, EcoOne not only eliminates the spread of invasive species, but also reduces Green House Gas (GHG) emissions as compared to competing BWMSs. The EcoOne™ system supports our vessel owner client’s carbon neutrality goals and is considered a perfect match for future Zero-Emissions-Vessels which (at least in ports) could operate on battery power alone.”

“We are so proud of the work that our recipients are doing and the incredible things they have accomplished,” stated Carleen Lyden Walker, Co-Founder and Executive Director of NAMEPA. “It is NAMEPA’s mission to provide a forum for this discussion and an honor to highlight their efforts, along with community partners who share our values to “Save our Seas”.

The Awards will be presented at NAMEPA’s Annual Marine Environment Protection Conference being held virtually on October 28, 2021.

Ecochlor’s June BWMS Regulatory Update

Ecochlor’s latest e-newsletter on Regulatory Updates for ballast water management is available for download.

May Regulatory Update newsletter coverThis issue contains:

  • MEPC 76 Meeting Updates
  • Ballast Water Inspections – China
  • Transport Canada – New Ballast Water Regulations
  • USCG Reports on Deficiencies in Operable BWMS, and much more . . .!

It is all gathered in one newsletter for your convenience!

You may view the entire newsletter at Ecochlor’s June BWMS Regulatory Update

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Ecochlor Completes all Land-based and Shipboard Testing for EcoOne™ Filterless BWMS

Ecochlor, Inc. is pleased to announce the completion of all land-based and shipboard testing for the filterless, EcoOne ballast water management system (BWMS) in preparation for an application for USCG and IMO BWMS Code Type Approvals.

DNV was chosen to act as the Independent Lab (IL) throughout the entire process and has been responsible for the evaluation, inspection, testing oversight and submission of the EcoOne™ BWMS Type Approval applications.

The Land-based biological efficacy testing, was undertaken by the Golden Bear Research Center (GBRC) in California, USA. GBRC performed the tests, analyzed samples, and managed test results in the required format by the IL. Whole effluent toxicity testing was also performed successfully as part of the land-based tests.

The Shipboard testing, undertaken by DHI as sub-laboratory, was completed to test biological efficacy and related shipboard operational performance (OP) of the EcoOne BWMS on board a commercial vessel. DHI performed the shipboard tests, analyzed samples, managed test results in the required format by the IL. Due to global pandemic restrictions, shipboard testing was allowed to be performed on two commercial vessels owned by Maran Tankers, a VLCC and an Aframax, during their typical vessel voyage routes within the 6-month testing period.

Steve Candito, Ecochlor CEO said, “From our first test in September 2020 to its completion in June 2021, the EcoOne™ system has gone through an extensive review using the most robust and stringent requirements in the maritime industry for BWMSs. Each step of the process – starting with an engineering design that is even simpler and requires even less maintenance than our two-step filtered BWMS ─ has leveraged Ecochlor’s high standards for excellence and reliability into our new product line. We are pleased to have completed these tests on our new filterless BWMS with very impressive results as confirmed by DHI and GBRC.”

The filterless EcoOne BWMS is a one-step treatment process utilizing ClO2 alone. Vessels operating this system can operate anywhere in marine and brackish waters (i.e., ≥ 1PSU) and with no restrictions on temperature or turbidity.

The EcoOne Hybrid BWMS has a dual mode of operation with both filtration & ClO2 or ClO2 alone. This system will allow shipowners to operate their BWMS either with or without a filter. This option will be suited for shipowners who wish to have the flexibility of unrestricted operation in freshwater globally, with the convenience of a no-filter system. Vessels that already have an Ecochlor BWMS with filters installed can upgrade to the Hybrid option with minimal cost.

The Ecochlor BWMSs not only meet and exceed environmental regulatory standards, these systems have a reputation in the industry as one of the most dependable in the market with a product line that offers one-stop BWMS options to the shipowner for any vessel, on any trading route, in any port, worldwide!

To view the land-based and shipboard testing parameters go to


Ballast Water Management May Regulatory Update

Ecochlor’s latest e-newsletter on Regulatory Updates for ballast water management is available for download.

May Regulatory Update newsletter coverThis issue contains:

  • Submissions for MEPC 76
  • US Port State Control Annual Report
  • ABS – Advice on Operating BWMS
  • BEMA Position Pager on BWMS Operation in Ports with Challenging Waters
  • USCG BWM Type Approvals
  • Review of ballast water record book entries – Flag Administrations, BIMCO and other NGO’s

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Coming soon – ballast water management efficacy testing requirements

Tanker Operator article on ballast water managementNew ballast water management systems will need to be subject to ‘biological efficacy tests during commissioning by June 2022, if not before that date. The logistics and planning for this is often overlooked. Ecochlor CEO, Steve Candito identifies a few simple ways the shipowner can significantly reduce the risk of a failed commissioning test.

To read the Tanker Operator article “Coming soon – ballast efficacy tests” to learn some helpful hints on preparing for these future testing requirements click here.

Panos Smyroglou to Speak at Green4Sea Virtual Forum

Panos Smyroglou is speaking at Green4Sea

Panos Smyroglou, Business Development Manager of Ecochlor will join a team of experts to discuss updates on ballast water management on Wednesday 21 April at 7 am EDT (11:00 GMT / 14:00 Athens / 19:00 SGT) at the Green4Sea Virtual Forum. Attendees will learn more about what is next on the regulatory agenda, key operational challenges of installing a BWMS, crew training recommendations, industry feedback on BWMS operations and any lessons learned or ‘best practices’ to be shared.

Other panelists for speaking at this workshop include: Dr. Efi Tsolaki, Erma First ESK; Dimitris Tsoulos, De Nora Marine Technologies; Jad Mouawad, Mouawad Consulting AS; and, George Kriezis, Neptune Lines Shipping & Managing Enterprises.

Ecochlor Press Briefing Webinar: EcoOne Filterless BWMS

This webinar examined the latest information on regulatory challenges; technologies that offer simple, reliable BWMS solutions for shipowners with changing trade routes; and a study on ‘best practices’ used by integration engineers for system installations. Speakers / Presentations included:

  • Marcie Merksamer, VP of EnviroManagement / Challenges of IMO BWMS Code Commissioning Testing: Guidance for Owners
  • Steve Candito, CEO of Ecochlor / Introduction to Ecochlor and EcoOne Product Launch
  • Andrew Marshall, VP of Business Development, Ecochlor / EcoOne: The Filterless Solution
  • Andreas Zontanos, Founder & Business Manager of Argo Navis Marine Consulting & Engineering / BWMS Integration Engineering: Filter vs. Filterless Installations

During the webinar was launched; the latest ground-breaking ballast water technology from Ecochlor. For more information go to