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Ecochlor has a committed supplier network with relations built on long-term trust. We select global suppliers based on best-in-class business practices and the quality of the end product.

FluidTech (Shanghai) Environmental & Equipment Technology Co., Ltd is Ecochlor’s manufacturer of chemical storage tanks assemblies, as well as additional components. FluidTech is an ISO 9001 certified company with a focus in water treatment and vacuum systems of semiconductor / TFT-LCD / electronic / microelectronic; paper special chemical and starch handling modular systems; wet additives systems for chemical industries; and ballast water treatment systems for the marine industry.

ProFlow Inc. has been Ecochlor’s manufacturing partner since the development of the first  Ecochlor System prototype. The main component of Ecochlor’s chlorine dioxide (CIO2) treatment technology is the CIO2 Generator. Ecochlor’s CIO2 Generators are manufactured by ProFlow at their North Haven, CT location, a short distance from Ecochlor’s Engineering, Installation and Service office locations. This past year, ProFlow incorporated LEAN manufacturing procedures while increasing their production space, all while maintaining their ISO 9001 certification. ProFlow has over 80 years of experience building reliable, rugged, process systems for a wide range of demanding applications throughout the world.


Ecochlor's commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices is based on developing strong alliances with other companies in a framework of environmental maritime solutions.

NanoVapor is a breakthrough nanotechnology that dramatically reduces the time needed to purge and gas-free a tank by up to 90%, making tank cleaning, maintenance, and inspections much safer and faster at the same time. NanoVapor works even with residual sludge remaining in the tank, and is effective for tanks carrying crude oil, fuels, and petrochemicals. The patented system is completely non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-reactive, leaves no residue for cleanup or recovery, and can facilitate faster tank cleaning procedures to satisfy the new global sulfur cap regulations.


At the core of our corporate commitment is our environmental promise to protect our oceans and waterways. Ecochlor’s membership in Environmental, Educational and Maritime associations expands upon our interests in this area.

Ballastwater Equipment Manufacturers Association is an independent trade organization representing vendors, suppliers, and key partners in the ballast water treatment industry by providing coordinated, technical, non-commercial guidance to the market.

North America Marine Environment Protection Association brings together industry, government, regulatory, conservation and educational organizations to provide access, collaboration and participation in preserving the marine environment.

Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology is the international membership body and learned society for marine professionals operating in the spheres of marine engineering, science, or technology.

The International Association of Independent Tanker Owners is a trade association that has served as the voice for independent tanker owners since 1970, representing the interests of its Members at national, regional and international levels. The organization champions an industry dedicated to support global energy networks by delivering safe, efficient and environmentally sound transport services.

Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners works with members, the regulators and other Shipping Associations to ensure that shipping operates safely, efficiently, environmentally and profitably.

InterManager supports and involves itself in a number of projects, all related to either management, technical or welfare. These have included studies into fatigue, information sharing, ballast water, shipping KPI’s and communication facilities for seafarers.

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