Andrew Marshall, CEO was an expert speaker at the “Replacing a failed or out-of-spec BWMS” webinar. The webinar explained the steps vessel owners and operators have to take to ensure ballast water treatment systems are compliant with the next round of regulations. This neatly summed up the position many owners and operators are facing. The questions revolved around BWMS that were not working as expected.

Andrew Marshall, CEO of Ecochlor explained: a BWMS could be working to its specifications – but it is not performing adequately for the role or route that is now required. There are many reasons for this, but specifying a BWMS with cost as the main criteria is one of the major causes.

“This is not always the fault of the ballast water management system,” he said, “It is a fault of the choice of system that was originally installed not being compatible with what it is expected to deliver.” To see the entire webinar go to