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Mission Statement & Values

Our Mission is to put an end to the harmful environmental effects on our oceans and coastal ecosystems through our dedication to developing reliable, environmentally-friendly products for the maritime industry whilst working alongside technology solution providers who share our vision.

Our collaborations with innovative maritime business solutions providers are intended to deliver enhanced economic performance by providing environmentally sound products and services to the maritime industry.

The beneficial impact of our mission for the environment is limitless.


Commitment to the Environment with Powerful Technology

Committed to saving our coastal ecosystems, Ecochlor developed a proprietary ballast water management system (BWMS) that has been specifically designed to safely and economically eliminate the worldwide transfer of aquatic invasive species. Chlorine dioxide disinfectant has many advantages over other treatment technologies:

  • It has 2.5 times more disinfectant efficiency than chlorine requiring lower chemical dosage
  • It is highly effective on a wide range of organisms across a broad range of water qualities without the need for the ship’s crew to adjust operating parameters
  • It degrades naturally to salt after treatment on uptake so does not require neutralization or retreatment of ballast water before discharge 

Commitment to Reliable Maritime Solutions

Reliability comes down to the choices that our engineers make when designing and specifying the Ecochlor BWMS. We make sure that our suppliers understand the ship operators’ requirements and the nature of the environment that the equipment will be operating in. This way we can guarantee that our systems are ‘fit for purpose’ all the way down to the component level.

Commitment to Fully-Support our Customers

Ecochlor uses real-time data analysis on every ballast operation to ensure the system’s uptimes are maintained at the highest possible levels – Ecochlor’s current operational level is at 98%. This communication allows for early notification of equipment performance concerns and enables us to resolve the problem before it becomes an issue. We don’t wait for a next service call; we are part of the team in support of the ship’s crew, wherever they are in the world.

Commitment to Accountability

Our ballast water management system must not only meet and exceed environmental regulatory standards, it must do so reliably so that there is no interruption to vessel operations for our customers. Ecochlor understands these requirements and the high expectations of our system’s reliability. 

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