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Treatment Technology

Ecochlor’s treatment system is unique. It uses chlorine dioxide (ClO2), generated by a simple process on board the vessel to treat the ballast during a single pass at uptake.

The Ecochlor® ballast water management system (BWMS) uses a one or two-step process to treat ballast water; an injection of ClO2 alone into the ballast lines in the EcoOne filterless BWMS or filter plus ClO2 treatment in our hybrid option

This ballast water treatment process offers a number of advantages over other techniques:

  • It is completely effective in all water types and conditions without the need for crew to adjust the operating parameters
  • It does not require treatment prior to discharge and there is no need neutralization
  • It does not use TRO sensors which can interrupt the ballasting / deballasting operations
  • It has very, very low energy use
  • It can handle different modular arrangements with flow rates up to 16,200 m3/hr.

This allows for a consistent, easy-to-use system for the crew without the uncertainty of its effectiveness when faced with varying water types.


The Ecochlor BWMS uses FilterSafe’s 40 micron filter: a fully automatic self-cleaning operation that handles heavy sediment loads.

The filtration system has both vertical and horizontal filter options, significantly reducing its footprint where space is tight. Other advantages include:

  • Fully automatic self-cleaning filter handles heavy sediment loads
  • Long service life due to anti-corrosion coatings and 916L stainless steel screens
  • Low operating pressures
  • Minimal flow loss during cleaning 

Modular System Arrangements

The Ecochlor system, with the exception of the filters, can be placed almost anywhere and is designed to meet existing space limitations on board the vessel. The Ecochlor systems are capable of treating up to 16,200 m3/hr. and the size of the system does not grow in proportion to the ballast water flow rates either in physical size or in power consumption.

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