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90% less time to a gas-free fuel tank. NanoVapor is safer, faster and greener than any other gas-freeing alternative.

The NanoVapor unit consists of two components: a nano-suppressant, TankSafe and delivery unit, Model ST-1000. The delivery unit uses a compressed air source to create a high-flow air stream used to inject the suppressant molecules into an enclosed tank. The molecule suppressant works quickly to suppress VOC evaporation from all liquid fuel throughout the entire tank.

  • Safer – NanoVapor is non-toxic, non-reactive and completely safe for humans. It is rated ATEX Zone 2 with no electrical or moving parts.
  • Faster – Time needed to a gas free fuel or cargo tank is dramatically reduced and a single application can continue to suppress fuel vapors for days.
  • Greener – TankSafe is engineered from renewable materials, readily biodegradable and leaves no residue or hazardous waste product behind for cleanup or disposal.

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