Sören Scheid Joins Ecochlor as Business Development Manager of Europe, Scandinavia and UK

Headshot of Soren ScheidEcochlor is pleased to announce Sören Scheid will be managing the new office in Germany as the Regional Business Development Manager for Europe, Scandinavia and the UK.

Mr. Scheid looks forward to promoting Ecochlor’s “unique and innovative ballast water management system” (BWMS) to this region. “I like to think that my work with Ecochlor will not only make shipping more efficient,” Mr. Scheid explained, “but also help to protect the environment.” Ecochlor has a reputation for providing a highly reliable BWMS along with a very powerful treatment technology ─ their strong record of 98% operable systems at sea offers shipowners assurance of compliance to BWMS regulatory standards.

With more than ten years working in the maritime industry, Mr. Scheid understands a shipowner’s individual needs in regard to environmental marine water and air regulations. He will utilize his vast range of experience in sales, process engineering and operational environmental protection to assist owners in finding the best solution for their fleet of ships. “The ability to listen and interact with customers within different hierarchy levels, as well as diverse technical and cultural points, is the basis for what inspires me within my work in sales,” said Mr. Scheid.

Andrew Marshall, VP of Business Development said, “Sören brings an exceptional set of qualifications and increased momentum to Ecochlor as we continue to grow our sales and support resources for the shipping industry. His experience in after-sales support as well as his proficiency as a technical environmental engineer will assist our global sales team working in tandem with our customers to reach a common goal – BWMS regulatory compliance for each and every ship that performs ballast operations with an Ecochlor system.

Maritime Reporter’s Editorial by Ecochlor CEO Steve Candito on Commissioning Testing

Steve Candito, CEO of Ecochlor shares his views on in the editorial, Crew Training is Critical in BWMS Commissioning Testing, for Maritime Reporter.

Steve Candito CEO EcochlorRead a short excerpt from the article: “In the last few years, shipowners have been faced with considerable pressure to prepare their vessels to meeting increasingly stringent environmental regulations. The IMO requirement for the biological efficacy commission testing of ballast water management systems (BWM.2/Circ.70) is nearing its mandatory start date in October 2021. Flag Administrations are being encouraged to start implementation of this test as soon as possible.

The biological efficacy commissioning test starts after the manufacturer hands over the system to the crew. In most cases the manufacturer may be allowed to be present, but is not permitted to either operate the system or assist the crew. If the crew is not familiar with the system, and as a consequence fails to run the system properly, it could result in a very expensive test failure. With biological tests costing between $8 – 10,000, crew training becomes even more critical.”

Click here to download or read the entire article.

Click here to read the online July issue of Maritime Reporter.

May Ballast Water Management Regulatory Update from Ecochlor

Ecochlor’s latest e-newsletter on Regulatory Updates for ballast water management is available for download

May Regulatory Update newsletter coverThis issue includes updates from the U.S. Coast Guard including their latest Maritime Safety Information Bulletin on BWM type approvals and expanded regulations on reporting requirements.

Learn about the Lake Carriers Association petition to FMC regarding Transport Canada’s proposed BWM regulation.

Read about the latest guidance on COVID-19 from the IMO.

Download SGS new white paper report on biological efficacy testing on 95 BWMS.

It ‘s all gathered in one newsletter for your convenience!

You may view the entire newsletter at: Ecochlor’s May Regulatory Update

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Andrew Marshall presents at “Navigating the BWM System Selection Maze” webinar

Andrew Marshall photo

Ecochlor vice president of business development Andrew Marshall offers a unique perspective on the selection process of BWMS by stating at a recent webinar the key criteria is often reduced to: “It’s cheap, it’s got a type-approval certificate, I’ll have it – what is it?”

During the Riviera Maritime hosted webinar, Navigating the BWM System Selection Maze on 19 May 2020, Mr. Marshall, followed up that comment by offering shipowners “a simple test for a BWMS manufacturer’s credibility: ‘A manufacturer should be able to demonstrate reliability through strong customer data uptime statistics.’”  Click here to read more.

Read the complete article at https://www.rivieramm.com/news-content-hub/bwms-21-of-systems-fail-d-2-requirements-59482

Job Opening at Ecochlor for Technical Documentation Specialist

We are looking for a Technical Documentation Specialist to join the Ecochlor Service Team!

Ecochlor Service Team photo with whale

Ecochlor is a Ballast Water Management System manufacturer that provides installation support and after sales service to customers that own and operate commercial vessels around the world.

Duties for the Technical Documentation Specialist will include, but are not limited to:

  • Processing of incoming customer claims
  • Detailed analysis of the issues and recommendations for resolution
  • Root cause analysis
  • Compiling and reporting on commonly seen issues
  • Documentation and processing of suggested design changes
  • Processing of other incoming data and documentation from vessels and service personnel, such as operational data and issue tracking
  • Assist with population and build out of a recently adopted ERP as it relates to the service department
  • Any other tasks as and when assigned by management

This is a salary position and is based out of our offices in North Haven, Connecticut USA.

Preferred qualifications and skills include, but are not limited to:

  • College degree or equivalent related experience
  • At least 5 years of related working experience, preferably with field service and/or technical areas
  • Should approach any job in a structured and well-organized manner and have good organizational capabilities
  • Working experience in Marine industry is preferred
  • Ability to interface with both technical and non-technical personnel
  • Must have excellent English communication skills, both spoken and written
  • Competent in Microsoft Office
  • Experience in ERP or other database style systems preferred
  • Ability to work well under pressure
  • Proactive, multi-tasked, quick hand and willing to learn
  • Continuous improvement mindset
  • Suitable data processing and excellent document control skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Good team player with good attitude, integrity, interpersonal, organization and time management skills

Send your application and cover letter to max.hasson@ecochlor.com

Thank You Seafarers

Text stating "Thank You Seafarers" with an image of three men working on a tanker as the background

Thank you to our essential workers out at sea! Your hard work is helping everyone who benefits from the crucial goods you carry. We continue to value your work and admire the personal sacrifices you’re making to keep our lives on shore as normal as possible.

Ecochlor’s Ballast Water Management Regulatory Update

See Ecochlor’s latest e-newsletter on Regulatory Updates for ballast water management. This issue includes updates from the U.S. Coast Guard including their latest Maritime Safety Information Bulletin on BWM extensions due to COVID-19 as well as links to other important MSIBs concerning the pandemic.

See an important message from Ecochlor’s CEO Steve Candito regarding the impact of COVID-19 on Ecochlor and the USCG MSIB on Extensions and AMS.

Read a recap of the 7th Session of the IMO Sub-committee on Pollution Prevention and Response (PPR) and get the list of IMO postponed meetings and other important resources related to COVID-19. It ‘s all gathered in one newsletter for your convenience!

You may view the entire newsletter at: Ecochlor Regulatory Update

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Ecochlor Announces Collaboration with Horizon Air Freight to Expand Shipping Services

Artwork for Ecochlor Horizon Press ReleaseEcochlor is proud to announce that Horizon Air Freight is joining the forces with the Ecochlor Service Team to provide world-wide logistical support for Ecochlor customers.

Ecochlor is a respected ballast water management system (BWMS) manufacturer with a reputation for delivering a reliable, easy-to-use system for ship crews worldwide. Ecochlor’s treatment system is unique. It uses chlorine dioxide (ClO2), generated by a simple process on board the vessel to treat the ballast water in a single pass during uptake.

Horizon Air Freight is a global leader with agents in 32 countries and more than 18,000 shipments per year with an on-time delivery rate of 99%. The company boasts a state-of-the-art IT track and tracing freight management system, with experienced key managers trained to expedite shipments for clients.

“Horizon Air Freight is very excited about our partnership with Ecochlor to provide logistical solutions for their customers. Our joint initiative will help shipping companies obtain compliance with the new IMO ballast water treatment standards, a critical step in helping keep our waterways clean,” said Steve Leondis, CEO of Horizon Air Freight.

Justin Knight, Director of Operations at Ecochlor explains that the relationship between the two teams will only enhance the already existing high standard set by his project management group. “Horizon has been in the maritime industry for over 50 years and is trusted to get our shipments on-deck and on-time. We will also be able to offer our customers added services in shipping that will allow them to focus on other immediate concerns related to their retrofits. We are very excited to bring on additional support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in our efforts to provide superior support to owners.”