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Ecochlor’s attainment of global regulatory type approvals and our perseverance in bringing a quality, reliable BWMS to market in the marine industry, highlights our continued commitment to test the efficacy of our system to the highest standards available over a timespan of two decades.

Regulatory APPROVALS

Ecochlor has IMO BWMS Code (2020) Type Approval and G9 Final Approval (2010) as well as USCG Type Approval (2017). During Ecochlor’s USCG Type Approval amendment process, minor updates and improvements were made to aspects such as documentation, available filter models, and control system software.

Ecochlor worked with DNV as the Recognized Organization for the Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) to complete harmonization of the USCG approved system with the existing IMO Type Approval and IMO’s BWMS Code (i.e. ‘revised G8’). 

Currently, Ecochlor has Class Approvals from ABS, BV, LR, RMRS, DNV, KR and Flag State IMO Cyprus Type Approval, IMO Hellenic Type Approval and IMO Norwegian Type Approval.

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