Ecochlor’s December Regulatory Update

Ecochlor’s latest e-newsletter on Regulatory Updates for ballast water management is available for download.

May Regulatory Update newsletter coverThis issue contains:

IMO Meetings – Scheduling Changes due to COVID-10
VIDA Proposed Rule Comments & Other Supporting Documents
USCG Issues Policy Letter on Alternative Component Testing
California Vessel Report Form Changes
EPA FAQ on Sampling & Monitoring
Ballast Water Treatment System USCG Type Approval

It is all gathered in one newsletter for your convenience!

You may view the entire newsletter at Ecochlor’s December BWMS Regulatory Update

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Ballast Water Management Report

The Ballast Water Management Report with Steve Candito, Ecochlor’s CEO. Mr. Candito discusses, BWMS Code Requirements (Part 2) and offers an overview of the changes that are required based on the new BWMS Code. The major changes include:
  • new requirements for the operation of the system;
  • system design limitations that must be noted on the Type Approved certificate;
  • bypass arrangements noted on the certificate and monitoring arrangements
  • and, general monitoring of the system.
To view all the Ecochlor BWM Reports go to the Ecochlor YouTube Channel.