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Ecochlor goes beyond the other manufacturers by offering oversight of every system on board a vessel using real-time data analysis for each ballast operation and twice a year ship visits - current operational levels are at 98%! (June 2021)

75% of shipowners now selecting Ecochlor technology have previously tried other BWMS and continue to select Ecochlor after gaining experience with our System and services.

Chemical Resupply

The Ecochlor Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) is simple to operate and maintain because there are:

Chemical resupply is quick, easy and handled exclusively by our Chemical Operations Team.

Using the Functional Monitoring Data Sheet provided by the crew after each ballasting operation, Ecochlor tracks chemical use, and arranges chemical resupply to the vessel at the appropriate time and location. Working with the vessel’s nominated agent, the Chemical Operations Team will coordinate the delivery of chemicals to the vessel at berth or anchor. During chemical resupply there is no direct human contact because the entire process is closed, using special equipment and only Ecochlor trained personnel. Resupply takes approximately a ½ day to complete (dependent on tank size; this includes the clean-up and the removal of empty IBCs and submission of a detailed service report.

In close consultation with shipowners regarding current and potential vessel operations we are making sure that we place our chemical storage and resupply capabilities at strategic ports relevant to their trading routes.

You can reach the chemical support team at for the latest update on supply locations.

Ecochlor has service engineers located throughout USA, Europe and Asia. We continue to strengthen our in-house team supported by carefully selected Authorized Installation and Service providers.

Our spare parts and service networks are positioned globally to respond quickly to our customer’s requests; thereby, ensuring maximum system operation with minimum downtime.
The Ecochlor BWMS is simple, with only a few major components. It requires very little periodic maintenance. Since chemical resupply is performed twice a year, it allows Ecochlor technicians to regularly attend the vessel and identify maintenance requirements early. Shipowners state that this frequent review by our technician provides them with “regulatory piece of mind.” 

Ecochlor Troubleshooting Communication

A 24-hour response time for email queries or troubleshooting is available at

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