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Depending on the owner’s choice of BWMS manufacturer, there may be a range of training options (beyond commissioning requirements) that are available for the crews. including hands-on training centers, online tutorials and even portable simulator units.
BWMS that are more complex will obviously require more crew training. This need is especially acute when performance is conditional on understanding the system’s limitations in variable water conditions such as salinity, temperature, and turbidity.
For Ecochlor, crew training continues post-commissioning with a hands-on training center, online computer-based interactive software programs, portable simulators as well as regular periodic shipboard training after system handover so that new crew members learn the system and existing crew members’ knowledge is refreshed.

This follow-on training helps to ensure continued safe and reliable operation of the BWMS for years to come. In our experience, the more comprehensive and regular the training that we can offer, the better the operational outcomes: Not only during the installation, but in the long-term operation of the system.

Classroom training is usually held sometime within the first 15 days of dry dock and runs approximately 4 hours. The majority of the Ecochlor installation trainers are multi-lingual and the training course was designed to be straightforward and easy for the crew to understand, with a strong use of visuals to aid in any language barriers. Hands-on training of the system is offered as the last operation on board the vessel during dry dock.

The amount of time between getting the system fully operational and the vessel leaving the shipyard can be very short. This limits the amount of time to provide hands-on training to the crew. Additionally, conditions do not mimic real-world experience of a ballast operation. Ecochlor offers additional hands-on training at the ship’s first ballast operation, allowing for more time and a better experience with the engineers on board the vessel.

Ecochlor provides an interactive training program, produced by MARPOL Training Institute, Inc., to the vessel at commissioning. This software training program, with classification society DNV Certification, can be installed on the ship’s computer network or given to the owner’s training facility for access on their server during corporate training sessions. The owner, vessel management or ship operator determines the necessity for individual crew training at a time of their convenience.

Ecochlor’s International Training Center is open to staff, clients and engineering firms. The Center includes classroom instruction on function, safety, troubleshooting and maintenance.

During the hands-on part of the training there is an operating Ecochlor treatment system, wet filter, as well as a dry filter on the premises allowing for the equipment to be disassembled to view inner workings and functions.

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