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Depending on the owner’s choice of BWMS manufacturer, there may be a range of training options (beyond commissioning requirements) that are available for the crews. including hands-on training centers, online tutorials and even portable simulator units.
BWMS that are more complex will obviously require more crew training. This need is especially acute when performance is conditional on understanding the system’s limitations in variable water conditions such as salinity, temperature, and turbidity.
For Ecochlor, crew training continues post-commissioning with a hands-on training center, online computer-based interactive software programs, portable simulators as well as regular periodic shipboard training after system handover so that new crew members learn the system and existing crew members’ knowledge is refreshed.

This follow-on training helps to ensure continued safe and reliable operation of the BWMS for years to come. In our experience, the more comprehensive and regular the training that we can offer, the better the operational outcomes: Not only during the installation, but in the long-term operation of the system.

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