InterManager Dispatch published the article, NanoVapor Tank Degassing ─ Saves Time, Money and is Safe for the Crew, in their November newsletter. Read a clip of the article below.

In the shipping industry, time is money. A shipping company loses money when a vessel is not in service. In these difficult times, losing money is the last thing that any company wants to be doing, especially when sometimes the cause of the loss is avoidable.  

Despite strict regulatory guidelines for entering enclosed spaces to handle tank cleaning, cold work or hot work, seafarers are often under pressure make things happen more quickly, and that can lead to an erosion of safety protocols. Tragically, overlooking these safety measures in order to shave off some time, has resulted in a surge in injuries and fatalities of crew members entering these unsafe enclosed spaces.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to apply a “magic blanket” that significantly reduces the risks associated with entering enclosed spaces? Click the link to read the entire article InterManager Dispatch