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Armada Technologies’ Low Power, Sustainable Solution Is Changing the Game in Hull Air Lubrication

What makes us different?

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Less Power, Better Performance

PALS revolutionizes hull lubrication, employing the ship’s own movement to generate a fine-tuned air and water mix. This ‘smart’ lubrication system minimizes power usage by discarding high-energy compressors in favor of minor boost pumps to maintain peak performance when under less-than-ideal circumstances, even with slow speeds or higher sea states.

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Advance Control for Smoother Sailing

Every bubble has its role with PALS’ meticulously designed venturi system, harmonizing with the vessel’s propulsion to create a uniform bubble blanket. PALS is engineered to work smarter, not harder, providing full hull coverage without the need for compressors. This results in uninterrupted aerated layer of bubbles, even when traditional air lubrication systems falter under the pressure of deeper drafts and reduced speeds.

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Optimal Bubble Distribution

Our state-of-the-art performance control system, emboldened by machine learning, ensures impeccable bubble management for peak delivery. PALS isn’t just pioneering; it’s precision personified. It actively adjusts to your ship’s specific conditions, embracing fluctuations in speed, depth, or weather to guarantee consistent efficiency. Additionally, there is no “belch” phenomenon due to hydrostatic pressure equilibrium.

Sustainable Future

Discover the future of eco-friendly maritime travel with The Armada PALS. Our Passive Air Lubrication System propels your fleet towards sustainable seas without compressors, harnessing your ship’s own motion to mix air and water for significant fuel savings. Experience a swift return on investment while advancing decarbonization in the marine industry, ensuring superior efficiency and environmental stewardship.

The worlds first compressor-free, passive air lubrication system offering the vessel owner genuine fuel savings

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The Armada passive air lubrication system (PALS) uses the ship’s forward motion to create a precise air: water mixture for lubrication. Unlike traditional methods that rely on high-energy compressors, PALS consumes significantly less power, utilizing small capacity water pumps only in sub-optimal conditions. With its performance control system and machine learning, PALS ensures good bubble control and delivery.

Optimal Bubble Distribution
With PALS, each bubble counts. Our cleverly engineered venturi system, partnered with the vessel’s forward motion, naturally forms an optimal bubble spread that ensures thorough lubrication of the hull without using compressors! PALS stands out with its innovative passive air injection mechanism, tailored to adapt bubble production precisely to your ship’s type and current conditions—be it speed, depth, or weather—guaranteeing continuous ‘smooth sailing’ unlike traditional air lubrication systems that struggle with deeper drafts and lower speeds.

Unmatched Versatility Under Varied Conditions
Slow steaming and energy regulations are the new industry normals, and PALS is engineered to excel under such conditions. Utilizing minimal energy, our boost pumps step in under less-than-ideal circumstances to maintain peak performance. That translates to consistent efficiency, even with slow speeds or higher sea states.

Superior Sea State Adaptability
Sea conditions can heavily influence performance—but not so with PALS. Regardless of choppy waters or calmer seas, PALS maintains its drag reduction effectiveness.

Reduced Power

Unlike traditional air lubrication systems that rely on high-energy compressors, Armada’s PALS utilizes small capacity pumps and blowers to achieve optimal bubble generation with significantly less power required. 

The PALS technology is designed to enhance vessel performance, reduce fuel consumption, and promote more sustainable marine operations. This offers shipowners a system that will reduce harmful emissions and increase efficiency without compromising on vessel performance.

Ready to revolutionize your ship’s efficiency and operating costs?

The cost of PALS varies depending on the ship, but it offers low capital investment and operating costs compared to other hull lubrication technologies. By eliminating compressors and using less power, PALS not only reduces drag but also provides economic benefits to shipowners in a short period of time.

For vessels with short-duration, multi-port routes, PALS still delivers significant fuel savings and CO2 reductions. In fact, it not only reduces fuel consumption for achieving ordered speeds but also enables higher speeds with the same power delivery. This speed increase is especially attractive for liner trades with tight schedules, allowing more time in port and increased financial benefits.

Benefits of Armada PALS

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