Ecochlor’s April Environmental Regulatory Update is here, bringing you the latest developments from the maritime industry!

Here are some key highlights from the 81st session of the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC):

  • Finalized guidance on BWM Convention application for ships in challenging water quality conditions
  • Approved guidance for temporary storage of treated sewage/grey water in ballast tanks
  • Confirmed amendments to BWM Convention regarding electronic record books
  • Endorsed provisions for BWM Convention Review and re-established Correspondence Group

The IMO also agreed on steps to reduce GHG emissions, including impact assessments, expert workshops, and developing a regulatory framework for onboard carbon capture systems.

In other news:

IMO welcomed its 10th Secretary-General, Mr. Arsenio Dominguez

IMO’s 11th PPR meeting discussed environmental risks of transporting plastic pellets by sea

Revised IMO Port State Control Procedures are now in force

ABS & AAPA published a report on port decarbonization trends and lessons

USCG released its 2023 Port State Control Annual Report

For more details on these updates and how they may impact your operations, click HERE. We’ll keep you informed about the latest regulatory changes in the maritime industry.