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Handling explosive, toxic, and environmentally damaging vapors from oil and petrochemical derivatives is an ever-present challenge for the transportation industry.

NanoVapor™ Inc. offers breakthrough technologies in the industrial management of vapors from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Their patented VOC suppression systems use nanotechnology to dramatically improve workplace health and safety, and reduce environmental pollution related to the Gas Freeing (“degassing”) of fuel and cargo tanks. By working at a molecular level, NanoVapor™ systems have been proven to be safer, much faster, less costly, and a greener method of purging VOCs than conventional methods.

Because NanoVapor™ is very fast, non-toxic, non-reactive, and biodegradable, it eliminates the main disadvantages of conventional VOC purging and gas freeing, which can be deadly, unhealthful, time consuming, and environmentally destructive.

NanoVapor’s™ system consists of two components: a proprietary liquid nano-suppressant (TankSafe™) and a hardware delivery unit (Model ST-1000) that are specially designed to work together to produce a fine spray of the TankSafe™ liquid. The delivery unit uses a compressed air source to create a high-flow air stream which is used to inject the spray directly into an enclosed tank. The surface-active components settle on the liquid hydrocarbons to quickly suppress VOC evaporation throughout the entire tank, including any sludge heel. Additionally, if left undisturbed, the molecular suppression can last for days, or even weeks, depending on many factors, such as specific fuel type, the quantity of remaining fuel, sludge heel, tank condition, etc.

The VOC-suppressant, TankSafe™ is not a hazardous product, and is non-toxic, non-flammable, and biodegradable. The molecular suppression is not a chemical reaction, and TankSafe™ is a completely non-reactive material. In addition, the tiny amount of TankSafe™ needed for suppression does not affect the fuel’s properties (e.g., in case of a tank inspection the tank can be refilled without additional cleaning).

TankSafe™ is engineered from renewable materials, and leaves no additional residue or waste product behind for cleanup or disposal.

With a sustainable future in mind, NanoVapor™ has developed a breakthrough technology that directly addresses deficiencies in the traditional gas-freeing methods. This simple, easy-to-use system significantly reduces shipowner risk, downtime, and environmental impact by achieving results more safely and quickly than current practices, and without any hazardous waste products.