In a recent interview with NAFSgreen World Shipping News, Andrew Marshall, CEO of Ecochlor, shared valuable insights into the company’s mission, innovations, and perspectives on the maritime industry’s shift towards sustainability.

“Ecochlor has been protecting the marine environment for over two decades, initially by introducing a superior ballast water treatment technology and more recently by delving into other ‘green’ maritime solutions,” said Andrew Marshall, CEO of Ecochlor.

In the interview, Marshall emphasized the company’s commitment to preserving waterways through innovative, energy-efficient technologies. Collaboration with like-minded technology providers is crucial to Ecochlor’s vision, aiming to optimize maritime operations and contribute to the industry’s decarbonization efforts.

State-of-the-Art Ballast Water Management Systems

Marshall defined a state-of-the-art ballast water management system (BWMS) as one that offers technological efficacy, ease of operation, adaptability to environmental variables, and unwavering reliability. He stressed the importance of energy efficiency, highlighting that BWMS should have a minimal carbon footprint to align with decarbonization goals. Investing in high-quality systems provides operational benefits and peace of mind, ensuring compliance with current and future regulations.

Additional key highlight in the article included:

  • The misconception about Ballast Water Management (BWM) and decarbonization
  • Challenges in BWM
  • A replacement retrofit to better serve the shipowner’s vessel and trade route
  • The significance of MARPOL VI and CII ratings as it relates to BWM
  • Challenges and future projects for Ecochlor

During the interview, Marshall’s insights underscored Ecochlor’s dedication to innovative, energy-efficient technologies that support both environmental sustainability and the importance of responding to the maritime industry’s evolving needs.

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