Cover of the martime executive magazineMaritime Executive has just been released their latest magazine issue which includes an article by Dr. Mia Bennett on ballast water treatment, Deadline-Keeping: All international trading ships will need an approved ballast water management system by 2024.

Steve Candito, CEO was interviewed for the article in regard to Ecochlor’s chemical injection ballast water management system (BWMS). The article highlights the main benefits of chemical injection systems and its effectiveness in all water types.  “While injection technology represents a minority of BWMSs, the solution can be useful for ships whose routes take them through turbid waters (where it might be harder to use UV) or freshwater (where it might be challenging to obtain the correct salt content needed for electrochlorination).”

Additionally, scale up is difficult for larger vessels using UV or electrochlorination. “With UV and electrochlorination systems, the larger the ship gets, the more bulbs and electricity – respectively – are required. In contract, dosing systems don’t change much in size as the vessel scales up.”

Mr. Candito added “an increasing number of shipowners are turning to Ecochlor’s easy-to-use system after realizing the difficulties of using other options.” To read the entire article click here.

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