InterManager “Dispatch”

InterManager Dispatch published the article, NanoVapor Tank Degassing ─ Saves Time, Money and is Safe for the Crew, in their November newsletter. Read a clip of the article below.

In the shipping industry, time is money. A shipping company loses money when a vessel is not in service. In these difficult times, losing money is the last thing that any company wants to be doing, especially when sometimes the cause of the loss is avoidable.  

Despite strict regulatory guidelines for entering enclosed spaces to handle tank cleaning, cold work or hot work, seafarers are often under pressure make things happen more quickly, and that can lead to an erosion of safety protocols. Tragically, overlooking these safety measures in order to shave off some time, has resulted in a surge in injuries and fatalities of crew members entering these unsafe enclosed spaces.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to apply a “magic blanket” that significantly reduces the risks associated with entering enclosed spaces? Click the link to read the entire article InterManager Dispatch

NanoVapor Granted Lloyd’s Register Type Approval for High Speed Gas Freeing System

NanoVapor announced that its innovative Vapor Suppression System has received a product type approval certificate from Lloyd’s Register (LR).  The portable ST-1000 system weighs only 45 kg, has no moving parts, and is powered by compressed air. When used with its proprietary liquid nano-suppressant, the ST-1000 delivery unit can quickly gas free a tank up to 90% faster, even if residual fuel or sludge is present. Since normal oxygen level is preserved throughout the suppression process, the confined space is quickly made safe for entry. Only a tiny amount of the non-toxic and biodegradable nano-suppressant is needed, leaving no residue or waste to clean up.

Russell Chew, NanoVapor’s CEO, is very excited about bringing important safety and sustainability technologies to the marine transportation industry. “Our vapor management systems have been fully tested and successfully adapted for high speed gas freeing of fuel and petrochemical tanks of all sizes. The LR Type Approval now opens the door to extend our recognition as a ‘Best Practice’ gas freeing system for land-based tanks to vessels.”

At Marintec China 2019, Ecochlor introduced the ST-1000 delivery unit to the maritime industry. Their VP of Business Development, Andrew Marshall believes that this nanotechnology will, “revolutionize tank cleaning and gas freeing of cargo and bunker tanks in preparation for dry dock or unplanned tank inspections or maintenance.”

With the imminent IMO 2020 sulfur cap deadline, the NanoVapor technology can be used to facilitate faster tank cleaning procedures and allow vessels to resume normal operation as quickly as possible.

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