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Reliability comes down to the choices our engineers make to ensure the BWMS will hold up to Ecochlor’s strict durability and endurance standards.

Ecochlor’s Three Pillars of Reliability:

Customers see the benefit of the choices our engineers make with a fully supported Ballast Water Management System with excellent crew training and quick-response service. Ecochlor’s current operational level of system’s at sea is 98%.

At Ecochlor, we have undertaken a commitment to serving our clients well beyond ballast water management system (BWMS) industry expectations and we stand fast in our efforts to provide the very highest standards in support of our clients’ operations.


—The “EcoCare Compliance Guarantee” demonstrates Ecochlor’s total commitment to stand firmly behind our products and services. This guarantee not only mitigates risk, but provides clients with the assurance they are investing in the best system available today and into the future.

It is a multifaceted guarantee that ensures regulatory compliance with IMO, USCG and individual U.S. state standards. Additionally, the guarantee addresses system efficacy as it pertains to treating ballast water for invasive species contamination. EcoCare makes the investment in an Ecochlor BWMS sensible and responsible and is the guarantee that when using an Ecochlor system, your vessels’ ballast water will never fail an invasive species test.

The EcoCare Guarantee is offered to Ecochlor clients at no additional cost.

It insures against financial penalties* relating to possible fines, port charges, delays and off-hire if ballast water properly treated using Ecochlor’s BWMS fails an invasive species test. It is the only BWMS compliance guarantee offered to shipowners in the world.

*Ask for our terms and conditions

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