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is focused on providing outstanding service and support which results in a cost-effective investment for the vessel owner. More than 95% + of our systems are reported as in service and working!

75% of shipowners who have used other treatment technologies are now retrofitting their ship with the Ecochlor BWMS.

Chemical Resupply

Simple to operate and maintain because there are:

  • Few moving parts
  • No TRO sensors
  • No complex power supplies

Chemical resupply is performed approximately two (2) times annually, which allows for Ecochlor technicians to attend the vessel regularly and identify maintenance requirements early.

Through the company’s Service and Resupply Agreement, an authorized Ecochlor representative will resupply chemicals approximately every six months. The Ecochlor in-house service team manages each service call and performs all our chemical resupply. We have service providers strategically located near the busiest ports in North America, and throughout Asia and Europe.

Ecochlor troubleshooting communication

Ecochlor has an international customer service call center that is available 24/7 for service needs. A 24-hour response time for email queries or
trouble­shooting is available at