Sören Scheid Joins Ecochlor as Business Development Manager of Europe, Scandinavia and UK

Headshot of Soren ScheidEcochlor is pleased to announce Sören Scheid will be managing the new office in Germany as the Regional Business Development Manager for Europe, Scandinavia and the UK.

Mr. Scheid looks forward to promoting Ecochlor’s “unique and innovative ballast water management system” (BWMS) to this region. “I like to think that my work with Ecochlor will not only make shipping more efficient,” Mr. Scheid explained, “but also help to protect the environment.” Ecochlor has a reputation for providing a highly reliable BWMS along with a very powerful treatment technology ─ their strong record of 98% operable systems at sea offers shipowners assurance of compliance to BWMS regulatory standards.

With more than ten years working in the maritime industry, Mr. Scheid understands a shipowner’s individual needs in regard to environmental marine water and air regulations. He will utilize his vast range of experience in sales, process engineering and operational environmental protection to assist owners in finding the best solution for their fleet of ships. “The ability to listen and interact with customers within different hierarchy levels, as well as diverse technical and cultural points, is the basis for what inspires me within my work in sales,” said Mr. Scheid.

Andrew Marshall, VP of Business Development said, “Sören brings an exceptional set of qualifications and increased momentum to Ecochlor as we continue to grow our sales and support resources for the shipping industry. His experience in after-sales support as well as his proficiency as a technical environmental engineer will assist our global sales team working in tandem with our customers to reach a common goal – BWMS regulatory compliance for each and every ship that performs ballast operations with an Ecochlor system.

Maritime Reporter’s Editorial by Ecochlor CEO Steve Candito on Commissioning Testing

Steve Candito, CEO of Ecochlor shares his views on in the editorial, Crew Training is Critical in BWMS Commissioning Testing, for Maritime Reporter.

Steve Candito CEO EcochlorRead a short excerpt from the article: “In the last few years, shipowners have been faced with considerable pressure to prepare their vessels to meeting increasingly stringent environmental regulations. The IMO requirement for the biological efficacy commission testing of ballast water management systems (BWM.2/Circ.70) is nearing its mandatory start date in October 2021. Flag Administrations are being encouraged to start implementation of this test as soon as possible.

The biological efficacy commissioning test starts after the manufacturer hands over the system to the crew. In most cases the manufacturer may be allowed to be present, but is not permitted to either operate the system or assist the crew. If the crew is not familiar with the system, and as a consequence fails to run the system properly, it could result in a very expensive test failure. With biological tests costing between $8 – 10,000, crew training becomes even more critical.”

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