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Ecochlor stands out from other BWMS manufacturers by having a business model that has always included production AND service.

Ecochlor makes sure system uptimes are maintained at the highest possible levels. Currently, the operational level of the Ecochlor BWMSs is approximately 95%.

From the first ballast operation, Ecochlor engages in continuous communication directly with the vessel’s crew and operational data is collected and sent to our service team. This communication allows for early notification of equipment problems and allows us to resolve the issue before it becomes a problem. The Ecochlor In-House Service Team manages each service call and performs all our chemical resupply. We have service providers strategically located near the busiest ports in North America, and throughout Asia and Europe. 

-Importantly, our system only treats on ballast water intake (i.e. cargo discharge). Thus, there is little chance of any issues during cargo loading. Ideally, we would assist the crew while they are still ballasting. However, if we still can’t solve the problem remotely or in person, the ship could leave for their next port with untreated ballast water. This additional voyage time before discharge allows our service technicians to continue to work with the crew to identify the problem. Also, the crew has time to contact Port State Control in advance to inform them of the issue and possibly allow for a ballast water exchange while in transit, instead of having to leave the port for the exchange.

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