14 Years at Sea

14 Years at Sea

The Ecochlor® Ballast Water Treatment System: proven effective and reliable for over 14 years at sea. Simple installation, simple operation, rugged construction, unique technology. Meets or exceeds USCG and IMO standards. The modular system optimizes space on both new builds and retrofits. It’s easy to operate and maintain, with negligible power consumption, full automation, and technical advantages over other treatment approaches.


A Rugged System that Meets or Exceeds the Most Demanding Regulations

Ballast water treatment is our sole focus as an organization. We’ve designed systems to safely and cost-effectively eliminate the transfer of aquatic invasive species. Our systems meet or exceed IMO and USCG standards. The unique, patented technology provides installation advantages in placement flexibility and scalability, and ongoing operating advantages in efficiency and energy savings.

The system simply works. Our first system was placed in operation in 2004. Shipowners and crews have been pleased with the technical performance and operational efficiencies of the systems.

One and Done: Treat Ballast Water Once

Quickly and effectively kill invasive species that can harm your ports of entry and coastal ecosystems. Unlike other systems, the Ecochlor® BWTS kills aquatic invasive species immediately – there is no need to treat again or neutralize during ballast water discharge.

Proven Technology: Unaffected by Salinity, Temperature, Organics

The Ecochlor® BWTS uses chlorine dioxide (ClO2) for disinfection, a water treatment technology that has been proven effective over 70 years in land-based applications. And it is a technology that is not affected by water salinity, temperature or organics, giving you the reliable performance you need for global shipping.

Ecochlor’s patented chlorine dioxide generator produces chlorine dioxide without the use of or production of aqueous chlorine or chlorine gas. Unlike other disinfection methods, chlorine dioxide does not produce harmful by-products like haloacetic acids and trihalomethanes. Rigorous studies have demonstrated that treatment with the Ecochlor® BWTS will not affect ballast tank coatings.

See how the system works.

Retrofit Ready: Flexible, Modular Installation

For both new builds and retrofits, the Ecochlor® BWTS offers the small footprint and modularity needed to optimize space. The generator and tanks can be placed in any convenient location on a ship. The filtration system needs to be located in close proximity to the ballast pumps, but can be placed in a horizontal or vertical configuration to optimize available space. For all of our installations we can provide thorough feasibility studies with 3-D scans and recommend multiple options for system placement.

See 3-D video scans from retrofit feasibility studies.

Operationally Efficient: Low Energy Consumption, Automated, Crew-Friendly

The energy required to power the Ecochlor® BWTS is negligible in comparison to other ballast water treatment systems, particularly to systems that use UV technologies. Operation is simple and straightforward with an intuitive control panel. For the crew, there is no chemical handling: it’s all automatic. Chemical resupply, when needed, is handled by Ecochlor at locations around the world.

Ideal for Large Bulkers and Tankers

The Ecochlor BWTS scales well for the largest bulkers and tankers. System design options are available for vessels with hazardous areas.

Support for the Long Haul

It isn’t just the system, unique technology and engineering – it’s the support provided before, during, and after installation. We have a worldwide network of maritime engineers, partners and associates here to serve; to consult; to conduct feasibility studies; to install systems; and to provide ongoing service and support.

Our mission: help you protect our coastal ecosystems and meet regulatory requirements in the most effective and efficient way, now, 12 years from now, and longer.

We look forward to hearing from you.