The sale and installation of an Ecochlor ballast water treatment system (BWTS) begins a relationship that will last for the life of the vessel. Ecochlor will maintain continuous interaction with the vessel in order to coordinate the re-supply of chemicals that will be schedule approximately every six months. Shipowners have stated that this frequent review by our technicians provides them with “regulatory piece of mind.”

Ecochlor’s experienced technicians are directly involved in the early operation of the system and training the crew on the treatment system. The Ecochlor system requires very little periodic maintenance. Maintenance activities are scheduled on a frequency ranging from 18 to 60 months and involve routine inspection activities.

Through our Technical Service Agreement, an authorized Ecochlor representative, will resupply the chemicals. Consequently, there is no crew involvement or any need to evacuate the vessel. The entire process is closed, using specially selected equipment and trained personnel with no direct human contact to chemicals.

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